Past Exhibition


169 Draycott Avenue, SW3 3AJ

14 September—22 September 2012

10AM- 6PM



Bamford works with makers and artisans using traditional skills to create beautiful pieces.  With the aim to make clothes that emanate quiet luxury using natural materials, to preserve the skills of craftsmanship for the next generation.

In 1882 the Johnson Brothers began producing ceramics in the heart of the Stoke-on-Trent Potteries. 130 years later 1882 Ltd. continues the Johnson legacy with the launch of two collections of fine bone china – Crockery by Max Lamb and Plates by Emily Johnson. Joining them is Suzanne Trocme with her inaugural collection -Aspirals.

Crockery is collection of fine bone china tableware cast from plaster moulds hand-carved by Lamb, is testament to his maxim to use materials honestly and processes transparently.

Aspirals is Suzanne Trocme’s, inaugural collection of a bowl and eggcup in white and black counterparts,  the continuous mobius form created using 21st century technology.

Emily Johnson’s Plates is a chandelier combining the ethereal translucency of traditional fine bone china with modern LED technology: further exploring different interpretations of fine bone china and decorative application.


Receive a cashmere cable hottie and beautiful scented Bamford Candle with every purchase of a limited edition, hand woven cashmere blanket. September 14-22. Subject to availability

Leave your details anytime during LDF for a chance to win one of five Max Lamb crockery sets.Last chance to enter, Sep 22 at 2PM

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