Past Exhibition

FieldGuide with Wästberg

Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, Exhibition Road, SW7 2AZ

16 September—31 October 2013

daily 10AM - 6PM



StarLight is a collaboration between FieldGuide and the Swedish lighting manufacturer Wästberg. In 2009, NASA launched their Kepler space observatory to look at the light from far off stars and interpret their flickering and pulsing to discover habitable planets. StarLight uses NASA data to allow people to replay the light that originated from stars light-years away, giving people a sense of connectedness to these stars, and encouraging them to dream of far-off worlds. Wästberg works with the most renowned architects and designers combining aesthetic sensibility with Swedish engineering mentality. Their products have won over 40 award for excellence and they represent a leading player in the future of lighting design.

Event: Thur 19th Sept 6pm onwards: open drinks

Photography credit: ©NASA/JPL-Caltech

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