Past Exhibition

Mise-en-abyme – London Design Festival

Victoria and Albert Museum

19 September—27 September 2015

Mise En Abyme at the V&A By Matteo Fogale and Laetitia De Allegri

The London Design Festival will continue its unique collaboration with the world’s leading Museum of art and design. As the central hub location for the London Design Festival for the seventh year, the V&A will again house a broad range of commissioned activity across the Museum and will include installations, events, talks and workshops.

Designers Matteo Fogale and Laetitia De Allegri are joining forces with Johnson Tiles to create a colourful installation on the bridge over the Medieval and Renaissance galleries.

Inspired by the Renaissance which saw the birth of perspective in art, the designers have created a landscape of shapes which will emphasise the visitor’s viewpoint at the entrance to the bridge. The overlapping of semi-transparent colours will create a void and feeling of depth while the arrangement of the tiles on the floor will represent the grid and perspective lines on a drawing. The designers reference the V&A’s glass and stained glass collections through their use of coloured transparent materials.

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