Past Exhibition

REPLICA by Studio Furthermore

Thurloe Place Mews, SW7 2HL

16 September—24 September 2017


Studio Furthermore present a collection of furniture pieces made from a replication process which they have been researching and experimenting over the last year.

The original replication methods that they refer to as ‘lost foam’ processes work with both ceramic and aluminium alloy materials. Designs are carefully handcrafted out of an ubiquitous foam material; each of these items constitutes an ‘original’. During the lost foam ceramic process, a foam original burns away inside the kiln leaving behind a one of a kind terracotta foam REPLICA. For the lost foam alloy process, a foam original is entombed in sand. Molten alloy is poured onto the foam original which in turn vaporises leaving behind a metallic REPLICA. In each case an original work is sacrificed and what remains is a REPLICA.


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