Arabeschi di Latte

Boffi Showroom, 254 Brompton Road, SW3 2AS

arabeschi di latte_photo dario garofalo

Arabeschi di Latte is an Italian food design studio founded by Francesca Sarti in 2001.

Blurring the boundaries between food and design , Arabeschi di Latte has created and exhibited a variety of food-related projects such as pop up café, special dinner, performances and workshops around the world. Arabeschi di Latte uses food as their angle to investigate and communicate cultural conditions, traditions and rituals.

Using food as a tool to communicate, Arabeschi di Latte also create special events and tailor made projects for brands and companies.

Recently the interactive installations “The Archeo Mill” for the Future House in Rotterdam and “Pasta Herbarium” for De Etende Mens exhibition at Designhuis in Eindhoven; the “Kitchen Library” space in collaboration with Japanese brand Karimoku New Standard; beside consultancies for brands such as Fendi, Discipline design and San Pellegrino and fruitful collaborations with Studio Toogood and Design Marketo.


Image credit: Dario Garofalo

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