The team behind Ecotopia can demonstrate an impressive range of achievements and skill sets. They are illustrators, graphic designers, product designers, coders, web developers and educators. Together the group has created playful concepts for communicating academic thinking fluently across a range of disciplines and processes, including graphic design, typography, drawing, printmaking, collage, digital image-making and three-dimensional installations. This year they bring to Brompton Ecotopia, a Sustainable Vision for a Better Future – an exhibition exploring the concept of an eco-friendly Utopia, based on the novel by Ernest Callenbach.

Ecotopia is: Aiden Barefoot, Caitlin Parks, Hazel Bryer, James Sanderson, Max Ryan, Melissa North, Nuno Coelho, Pedro Loureiro, Rosalind Woodman, Toby Downham, Will Verity.

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