Q & A with Bernie de Le Cuona

Bernie de Le Cuona

This year the international textiles brand de Le Cuona, of Walton Street, joins the Brompton Design District. We speak with the founder, Bernie de Le Cuona about the new collection Demure Drama, launching during London Design Festival.


Textiles can tell a story – could you explain the story of De Le Cuona?
I founded de Le Cuona in 1992 and a wanted to create really special and luxurious linen. We are well known for our raw and refined linen but we  also have finely woven paisley, silk velvet, cashmere and eclectic cloths in our collections creating layers of texture for global tastes. I explore old and new finishing techniques that bring the fabrics to life whether that be stonewashing and embossing linen or weaving paisley on original looms.  It is the iconic weight and  handle of our fabrics that sets de Le Cuona apart.


For Demure Drama, can you tell us your a little about the making and heritage of the paisley design?

This is de Le Cuona’s first dedicated paisley collection and presents the most intricate, softly tactile paisleys ever woven in a kaleidoscope of beautiful colours.  DragonflyMeadow and Serenity eachcapture the modern spirit of this design classic.

The creation of a de Le Cuona paisley involves using the FINEST materials from the best countries. The design journey begins with a my hand drawn sketch which is interpreted for the unique making processes. Translating drawings into a woven product is a labour of love. It takes hundreds of metres of colour samples to get the palette, design and handle of the actual fabric right. The special dyes for the yarns are sourced from Switzerland and Germany. Just one metre of paisley requires nearly 13,500 metres of 100% wool threads and 6,200 metres of cotton threads.  The paisleys are crafted in Kashmir where each is so exquisitely detailed that only three metres can be woven per loom per day. The paisleys are then hand-washed to give them a deliciously soft drape.


In your opinion what is the relationship between textiles and fashion – are they intrinsically linked?
Textiles and fashion are intrinsically linked. Designs in our Savage Couture collection paid homage to Chanel’s woven ribbon and the swirling heritage paisley has been featured in both fashion and interior textiles and both are now contemporising this timeless pattern. Full of cultural depth, paisley has been part of our fabric family for many years.  These weaves are so exceptional that the Victoria and Albert Museum has the Sun Bleached Paisley in its woven fabric collection.  The V&A is a wonderful place to explore the relationship between textiles and fashion.


The Brompton Design District is now the most established of the London districts, why did you choose Brompton, and what is it about the neighbourhood that appeals to you? 
Our London showroom is located in on the fashionable Walton Street which is also destination for interior designers.


Could you give an insiders tour of Brompton, where do you like to have coffee, shop for gifts, celebrate a good day at the office? 

I am a really fussy coffee drinker however Baker and Spice do a good cappuccino. It depends who the gift is for, but The Conran shop for lighting or linen bedding and to celebrate a good day in the office, a glass of bubbles on the terrace of our apartment above the showroom or The Enterprise on Walton Street.

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