Serpentine Pavillion 2017 by Francis Kéré


Berlin-based architect Francis Kéré creates the seventeenth Serpentine Pavilion this year. Kéré’s pavilion is inspired by the tree as the central meeting place in his hometown of Gando, to connect Londoners to nature and each other. To deal with the unpredictable British weather, the pavilion is designed to provide shade from the sun, and shelter from the rain, even storing rainwater to be used around the park. The pavilion also makes use of the long summer nights with its open wooden walls and roof, adding interesting shadows and illuminations within the structure

The pavilion opens on the 23rd June in Kensington Gardens until the 8th October.

Image: Serpentine Pavilion 2017 designed by Kéré Architecture, Design render © Kéré Architecture

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