The Brompton Cocktail

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  • White River
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To celebrate ten years of the Brompton Design District, Brompton’s designer alumni have created their own cocktails, based on the Brompton Cocktail, an elixir that was administered at the Royal Brompton Hospital in the early  twentieth century.

The brief was to design a cocktail, either real or realisable, or conceptual that offers transformation “from diverse ingredients into potent formula, from base materials into thoughtful ideas and objects, from one state of mind to another or from one world to the next” says the curator Jane Withers.

The Original Brompton Cocktail was a lethal mix of morphine, heroin, cocaine and alcohol, used for palliative care  until the 1970s, not only to relieve pain but also to promote sociability before death.

The innovative recipes tell a story of Brompton’s collaborators over the past decade, including:  Arabeschi di Latte, Study O Portable, Max Lamb, Tomas Alonso, Martino Gamper, DesignMarketo, Faye Toogood, Kirsty Minns & Erika Muller, Tom Dixon, Laetitia De Allegri & Matteo Fogale, Michael Anastassiades, Peter Marigold, Apartamento, Loris & Livia and Okolo


  • GINGERINI by Martino Gamper
  • WHITE RIVER by Max Lamb
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