Past Exhibition

The Last Salon by Ineke Hans

4 Cromwell Place, SW7 2JN

16 September—24 September 2017

studio-salon 4 b-people

Wrapping up a year of London Salons that looked into the future of furniture design and the changing position of the designer, with

Explore and act!

• An exhibition with work to inspire from of various designers and writers: Nina Tolstrup, Industrial Facility, Frank Kolkman, Max Lamb, Opendesk, Pearsonlloyd, Piet Hein Eek, Arco, Martino Gamper, Marjan van Aubel, Benjamin Hubert, Anne van der Zwaag, Michael Marriott, Ineke Hans, John Thackara, Softbaroque, Richard Vijgen, James Shaw, Isokon Plus, Micaella Pedros – designed by Paula Arntzen.

• A pamphlet with conclusions and recommendations, made by Ineke Hans and Johanna Agerman Ross – designed by Irma Boom, read more.

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