Past Exhibition

Workshop for Potential Design

8 Egerton Garden Mews, SW3 2EH

13 September—22 September 2012

11AM- 6PM


The point of departure for the exhibition is the idea of placebo effects in the cultural landscape, or how conditions and expectations affect the way we form ideas about an object or an image. 

We often make sense of the world through objects we see and use everyday, though it is quite evident that the conditions in which the interaction happens and the expectations we have about these objects affect greatly how we perceive them.

This is of course a general and common topic in the media driven, image rich society we live in, but it also holds a certain significance as a possible opening for a discussion on how we could potentially bypass all this, or even exploit this mechanism for our own ends. 

The exhibition and the accompanying publication review this phenomenon and propose alternatives, speculative scenarios and other possibilities between us and the things that surround us.

Desginers: Paul Elliman, Gemma Holt, Sam Jacob, Tim Parsons and Jessica Charlesworth, Study O Portable.

The bar is by Peter Marigold and booklet contributions by Avigail Moss,Noam Toran and others.

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